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Was More Than Mail - now Satsumo!

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

We’re a bit different, this is a father and daughter owned business – guess whose boss! We've come together to provide this rather unique service (whilst maintaining existing services of course) – call it a Design Agency, Design Collaborative, actually call it what you like . . . we are simply here to provide a creative service in any medium for any size of business. Either way, the combined range of skills is unique – strategy, design, branding, creative, technical, print with the added bonus of people development. We thought there was plenty of room for a niche offering on the ‘Shore’ – so come join us on this exciting journey as a client, supplier or come share our space! I have a background in typography, advertising, marketing, print, mentoring, training, foreign direct investment and banking! Previously ran a sizeable creative agency servicing household names providing the basics to exhibitions and TV etc. – I’ve unwittingly gone full circle and come back for more! Katy has been single handedly, managing the More Than Mail (MTM) business as well as washing the dishes for the last couple of years – she knows the ropes, has a degree in design, knows MTMs clients, knows how to operate the machinery and been meeting customers’ needs in the process! I have to say (even though she is my daughter) her customer service skills are a pleasure to witness. In fact, customer service is the be all and end all of the ‘Satsumo’ business. People tend to work with people they like dealing with – nothing will change there. Katy and I don’t argue, but we do have different tastes, we both like the radio on at work - she likes The Edge, I like The Sound - I suppose I’ll get use to The Edge :) Anyway, Katy and I look forward to working with you over the coming year, understanding your business a bit better and providing a whole new range of additional services - communication is our business and that’s what we’ll be doing! We may even have an open day/evening – we’ll keep you posted!

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