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Right place, right time, right product, right image!!!

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

We all know the Christ the Redeemer - one of the most powerful images in the world!

Prior to the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil my son decided to plead with the local doicese/tourist board to get permission to climb Christ the Redeemer. This incredible structure had been struck by lightning and damaged, scaffolding was erected - that meant an incredible business opportunity for Lee! The image of Christ the Redeemer would be the most televised image around the world ever - a whole month's worth of exposure on the most followed sport on the planet. Lee's social media presence grew overnight exponentially!

35 pages of google, interviews on numerous TV channels worldwide (including 7 Sharp and Campbell Live - my son lives in London!), world fame in Brazil, Chile and dozens of countries around the world! Over a million hits on Twitter and a video that has now been viewed over a million times on You Tube ( watch ). 5 minutes on CNN lunchtime TV with well known anchors ( watch ).

This exposure catapulted his fledgling holiday business ( ) from basically nothing to a whopping £4 million turnover as of this week!

Facebook and Google Adwords spend of £150k over the last year generated a direct ROI of £2 million!

Building a huge social media following (over 100k on Facebook alone) has enabled a dream to come true - a staff of 20 plus, an office in London and Melbourne.

The moral of the story - we are all capable of achieving this type of growth . . . RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT PRODUCT (& RIGHT IMAGE of course!).

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