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Internet sites you must use NOW!!!

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

This article will be of particular use to businesses that write or need content for their social media blogs, posts or need research for general information on any topic. Whenever you search - assuming that you generally use Google - Google picks up (tracks) your search and tries to help you next time you search by using your interests from previous searches!! Annoying isn't it! Little tip - use 'incognito' (it's up there on the right hand side menu in your brower) - you will simply be 'anonymous' - meaning you'll get fresh content! Simple aye? One of the most resourceful sites we have been introduced to is - a superb research tool for just about anything you need to know about - and it's free - simple as that! Another fantastic research tool is 'analyse what content performs best for any topic or competitor'.

Hashtags If you use hashtags try these sites to see which 'tags' work and which ones don't and - they will help you instantly identify top hashtags, thus finding influencers to maximise your success on social media.

Headlines When it comes to finding headlines that get read on your social platforms these sites will evaluate the words you use and give you a rating on the likelihood of success (readership) and

Photographs/imagery Perhaps we have all heard of ? But there are several other free sites - best one we have found which pulls them all together is

All of the above are great little tools just to make your writing and searching a little easier - the ultimate aim of course target the right people and get them to buy your product - good luck!

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