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How to generate your own newsletter . . .

This newsletter arrives in your inbox every week, it's generated by Satsumo, we've pitched it at a broad cross-section of society and business - its content is also broad and varied, its format now established and easy to maintain and populate.

We analyse what interests you, we look where you click, how often you click - we adapt accordingly and try to give you the content that interests you. We don't publish it to directly sell - we produce it for brand awareness and we enjoy the fact that it is read and now established.

We use Mailchimp as our platform of choice, it is generally easy to understand, self-intuitive with excellent reporting - and it's free!

There are several alternatives to Mailchimp - take a look at these:

1. Constant Contact

2. Drip

3. ConvertKit

4. AWeber

5. GetResponse

6. MailChimp

7. ActiveCampaign

In another article today we talk about CRM (Client Relationship Management) - this directly correlates to this type of marketing activity - talking to your customers on a regular basis, because if you're not, then one of your competitors soon will be!

OK, ours goes out once a week, may be a bit too much for some businesses, we enjoy writing it, it also helps provide content for our blog and in turn our social media postings.

There aren’t many absolutes in writing a newsletter. You’re the boss, and you can write your own rules when it comes to your business. You set your work hours, your pricing, your office dress code . . .

Consider making it one of your rules that you absolutely must send a newsletter to clients and prospects on a regular basis.

Yes, it can be that important.

A newsletter is quite possibly the easiest marketing you’ll ever do. You’re simply keeping in touch with existing and past clients AND with people who have expressed interest in your services, even if they haven’t actually paid you money yet.

I can give you five good reasons why you should send newsletters to your clients and prospects:

  1. Sending a regular newsletter keeps you top of mind with ideas and reminders of how you can help. The content for your newsletter should be valuable, useful information related to the services you offer. Of course, you’ll want to casually remind your reader you’re there to help if they need it. But remember, this should not be a sales pitch. It should be a genuine effort to be of service by providing value.

  2. Sending a regular newsletter establishes your authority in your niche or field of expertise.

  3. Sending a regular newsletter keeps your blog/website updated with fresh content, which makes Google happy. This, in turn, rewards you with better search ranking. If you’re smart, your newsletter won’t exist in a vacuum. Your content will take up permanent residence on your website. Regular new content for your newsletter means regular new content for your website. It's a win-win!

  4. Sending a regular newsletter builds your relationship with your clients and prospects. In your personal life, you probably stay in contact with the people who are most important to you. Right? The same applies in business. When you get in the practice of sending newsletters to your clients and prospects, you’re showing them they’re important to you. It strengthens your relationship. It keeps them coming to you for the service you provide rather than straying off to a competitor.

  5. Sending a regular newsletter trains your audience to open your emails. If your clients and prospects are used to receiving quality content from you in regular emails, they’ll be primed to open your email for other reasons :)

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