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Harness Technology and Scale your Business

28th February, 6pm til 8pm @ Satsumo,

10/215 Rosedale Road, Albany

Hosted by Satsumo for Auckland Business Strategy

Technology drives everything in modern business. To work efficiently and grow your business ahead of the competition, the right technology is undisputedly essential.

However technology can be complex and confusing, and without expertise it is all too easy to spend in areas that are not core to your company’s growth trajectory. Many companies overlook this and underestimate what they need to do to manage their technology. This ends up consuming time and money which could be better spent elsewhere.

This interactive workshop is designed for business owners who know they need to improve their technology use but want to do it in a context of business growth strategy. Informative and non-technical, together we will explore tips and tricks for small business owners to get the most out of their business technology both now and in the future.

By joining this community workshop event you will:

Know what you need to do to plan your technology for the business you want to growIdentify hidden areas where you can reduce unnecessary expense on technologyDetermine your plan to protect your most critical digital assetsReceive an expert template to build your own technology policy

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