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Business Growth Grants

Updated: May 7, 2018

Just a heads up on possible business grants (Westpac).

If you have ideas and a clear plan to grow your business there are grants available. It doesn’t matter where you are based, which sector or industry you’re in, or even if you’re a Westpac customer.

Here are the prizes they’re offering:

  • 6 regional winners will attend the Nurture Change Business Retreat in Hawaii - to take time out to focus on working on their business with a range of experts and business leaders.

  • 6 regional winners will receive expert business mentoring including legal, HR and accounting advice^

  • 6 regional winners will receive a $2,500 Quest business accommodation package voucher.

  • The overall winner will also receive a Growth Grant valued at $50,000 (including $40,000 cash# and $10,000 free advertising used in collaboration with Westpac's appointed media agency). 

  • Prize Packages

  • Key dates

  • Application process and criteria

6 regional winners

  1. Business Retreat in Hawaii -The 6 regional winners will receive travel to and from, and free attendance at the upcoming Nurture Change Business Retreat being held in Hawaii, at The Modern Honolulu, from the 14th to the 19th of September 2018*.

  2. Expert Business Advice - The 6 regional winners will be able to choose from one or more of the following:

  • A 2 hour 1:1 consultation with a Chartered Accountant which can be used to review your business’s financials, business structure, tax structure or a particular accounting issue^.

  • A two hour 1:1 consultation with a Lawyer which can be used on any matter related to your business^.

  • A two hour 1:1 consultation with an Human Resources expert which can be used on any matter related to your business^.

  • A two hour 1:1 banking and finance consultation with an experienced business banker to review all your current banking and funding arrangements, to provide you with any recommendations to simplify your banking, save you money or improve cash flow, and answer any banking or funding questions you may have.

Overall Winner

The overall winner will also attend the above Business Retreat in Hawaii and receive the above Expert Business Advice PLUS a $50,000 grant prize which consists of:

  •  A $40,000 cash prize; and 

  •  A $10,000 advertising package - which is to be used in collaboration with Westpac’s appointed media agency.

Here's how to apply . . .

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