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An interview with a Social media innovator . . .

Updated: May 23, 2018

In an interview with Lee Thompson (my son), owner of the Flash Pack ( - Lee explains what it takes to perform at the sharp end of social media - Lee and his wife Radha have built a substantial business purely on it, they understand its nuances, hard facts, statistics, what works, what doesn't - ignore at your peril . . .

Facebook . . .

"Work out when your audience peak social media times are. With Flash Pack our audience is professionals, peak times are 7am, 4pm and 8pm (this is always the best time for us)"
  • Post at least 4 times a day and look at Facebook insights daily to learn your audience and see what does well. Tweak the times until you start getting strong 'reach'

  • Your content has to be new and very relevant to your audience otherwise it won’t get seen – even if you post at the right time

  • Facebook's new algorithms mean that if your audience share, comment and send to friends on messenger then you will be rewarded with strong organic reach - although Flash Pack took an initial hit on organic Facebook traffic when they changed the algorithms earlier this year – we are now seeing huge reach bigger than what we had before the changes

  • It’s different for every brand but for Flash Pack it’s all about story telling – people resonate with the story or Radha – 'single in her 30s'

  • We do lots of content that our audience will be interested in (quitting job, gins, mental health etc) and we only mention travel once a week. You will hardly ever see a sales post  on our wall as it’s not about selling, it’s about engagement and trust to your brand

  • This year we will be doing lots of Facebook and Instagram live and as you can get huge organic reach from these - do regular Facebook videos and add straight to facebook (not via youtube etc)

  • Paid facebook – don’t be afraid to spend on this platform. As little as $5 a day can boost all of your posts to the right audience

  • Do everything on Audience Manager and not the boost button on the page as this doesn’t have as many targeting options so it’s a waste of money. I wait to see which posts get organic reach before boosting

Instagram . . .

  • Huge organic reach available here – especially Insta stories

  • Once you reach 10k followers you get a link to your website built in so for this reason we do 3 a week

  • Posts get as much organic reach as facebook used to give so it’s worth learning all the relevant hashtags. Focalmark is a great app to create all the hashtags you need based on what the pic is Videos get good reach through this too

Twitter . . .

  • Don't ignore Twitter! We post every day and hardly get any RT’s (retweets) or followers but to my surprise we make lots of sales from it so, for that reason it’s worth doing

Watch out for this . . .

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